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SwingSet World, A Place Where Memories Are Made!

Thank you, Glick’s Woodworking LLC, from the
bottom of our hearts! Your craftsmanship, cour-
tesy,and quality of product is AMAZING! We
are so excited and look forward to years of
backyard fun!!!!
-Richard & Melanie Cade-
The Kids love it already! It is well built & we
look forward to enjoying it for a long time!
Thank You for the professional customer
-R. Swearington-
We had a great experience designing the
Swingset/Play Set exactly how we wanted it to
be. We would highly recommend Glicks Wood-
-Neil k.-

We also believe that physical play time is a huge benefit to kids.

So many studies have proven that such time promotes physical, mental and emotional health on many levels. It also promotes better problem solving ability, the use of imagination that leads to career success in their adult years and it provides a muscle memory framework for the body to reference as they grow in order to have a drive to maintain physical health.